Thursday, January 17, 2008

Five weeks-ish

Your dad now knows that you exist. And he is very, very happy! I told him while he was in Bangkok. Last night he sent me a text message to my phone about you. I'm going to write it down now so I never forget. He had been on Newport Beach in Los Angeles:

I saw the most amazing shooting star tonight ... about 5 other people around me saw it ... it was massive! Took up half the sky. I think it was a good omen! I love you!

That is one of the most romantic messages he has ever sent me. So, no, I couldn't keep you quiet after all, even though I came up with a plan that was far better than a Playmobil nativity scene or stuff to do with balloons and cakes. I was going to meet him at the airport holding a card with a speech bubble pointed to my belly saying "HI DAD!"


But instead I was not so smooth. If I was a better liar (I will confess now that I am a bad liar, but excellent exaggerator, so you know the distinction. I am sure you will find this out for yourself when you're older) things would have been smooth.

On Saturday, he asked me if I had my period yet, and I said: "Hmmn. No."

And he asked: "When was it due?"

And I said: "Yesterday."

And he said: "Oh, so it'll probably come today then."

AND I SAID something like: "No. Maybe. I don't think so."

And the cat was out of the bag as I advised we were seemingly pregnant. And told him all about the tests and how I'd had a feeling, etc, etc.

As you are the size of a tiny teeny little speck there is not much to tell. Two days ago I was eating tofu stir-fry for lunch and suddenly the texture of the (until then yummy) bok choy made me feel very queasy and grossed out. I walked through the food court and saw a man eating an apple which made me gag. Normally people eating apples doesn't make me gag. Suddenly, the world became hideous and odorous! As I got in the elevator a punk girl with pink or blue hair (I can't remember as I was so overwhelmed) began eating a nori roll from a white paper bag. The seaweed and fish smell overwhelmed me and I began to quietly dry retch in the lift, while looking at the door. Maybe she saw my shoulders juddering. I thought it was quite a rude thing to eat in a confined space ... but at least it wasn't a souvlaki.

Painters are here in our corridors. They're very cheery every time I go out, and I try not to scowl as I'm fuming about being exposed to the paint fumes which are wafting into the flat and the bathroom, in particular. Today I felt too tired to go to work (woke up at 3.30 worrying about silly things), so I lay on the doona beside our open balcony door and watched episodes of the series Rome, and snacked on a happy pregnant snack of baklava, Turkish delight, and (later) cheese on crackers.

Now it's time for dinner. I am feeling very hungry today.

I love you!