Thursday, January 17, 2008

Five weeks-ish

Your dad now knows that you exist. And he is very, very happy! I told him while he was in Bangkok. Last night he sent me a text message to my phone about you. I'm going to write it down now so I never forget. He had been on Newport Beach in Los Angeles:

I saw the most amazing shooting star tonight ... about 5 other people around me saw it ... it was massive! Took up half the sky. I think it was a good omen! I love you!

That is one of the most romantic messages he has ever sent me. So, no, I couldn't keep you quiet after all, even though I came up with a plan that was far better than a Playmobil nativity scene or stuff to do with balloons and cakes. I was going to meet him at the airport holding a card with a speech bubble pointed to my belly saying "HI DAD!"


But instead I was not so smooth. If I was a better liar (I will confess now that I am a bad liar, but excellent exaggerator, so you know the distinction. I am sure you will find this out for yourself when you're older) things would have been smooth.

On Saturday, he asked me if I had my period yet, and I said: "Hmmn. No."

And he asked: "When was it due?"

And I said: "Yesterday."

And he said: "Oh, so it'll probably come today then."

AND I SAID something like: "No. Maybe. I don't think so."

And the cat was out of the bag as I advised we were seemingly pregnant. And told him all about the tests and how I'd had a feeling, etc, etc.

As you are the size of a tiny teeny little speck there is not much to tell. Two days ago I was eating tofu stir-fry for lunch and suddenly the texture of the (until then yummy) bok choy made me feel very queasy and grossed out. I walked through the food court and saw a man eating an apple which made me gag. Normally people eating apples doesn't make me gag. Suddenly, the world became hideous and odorous! As I got in the elevator a punk girl with pink or blue hair (I can't remember as I was so overwhelmed) began eating a nori roll from a white paper bag. The seaweed and fish smell overwhelmed me and I began to quietly dry retch in the lift, while looking at the door. Maybe she saw my shoulders juddering. I thought it was quite a rude thing to eat in a confined space ... but at least it wasn't a souvlaki.

Painters are here in our corridors. They're very cheery every time I go out, and I try not to scowl as I'm fuming about being exposed to the paint fumes which are wafting into the flat and the bathroom, in particular. Today I felt too tired to go to work (woke up at 3.30 worrying about silly things), so I lay on the doona beside our open balcony door and watched episodes of the series Rome, and snacked on a happy pregnant snack of baklava, Turkish delight, and (later) cheese on crackers.

Now it's time for dinner. I am feeling very hungry today.

I love you!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hello there teeny baby in my tummy

Well, according to the lines on the tests I've been doing for the past three days, it seems that you are really here bobbing about in my belly! Just for the record, your mum doesn't usually obsessively leap out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off to race to the bathroom and gleefully wee on a stick. In fact, on a whim I weed on TWO STICKS AT ONCE on the first morning I tested. You can be proud of your mum and her multi-tasking skills.

I have one test left, and I think I'll do that in a week's time again as it's still very early days. In fact, my period is actually due today ... so I have been the early bird catching the worm. I just knew something was different this month.

I have had VERY SORE boobs since new year and, last Saturday, when it was 35 degrees, I was absolutely exhausted. Your dad and I were looking for a nice Danish sideboard to go in our new house (which only has a metal floor at the moment. But the garage is concreted!) and I was complaining about the heat A LOT.

I haven't exercised once this week, but I think my body is telling me to relax, so I will! I've got a lot of writing to do, but I'm so excited and worried and foggy knowing that you are there, that I can't concentrate one bit. For the past few days I have had tummy cramps (not bad ones) an achey lower back and feel very gassy and bloated (URK!), which is all quite similar to how I feel when I have PMS. So, hopefully things are all normal. It's a little bit confusing. I have made an appointment to see Dr Wendy on the 21st, so she will probably do a blood test and tell me what's what.

Your dad is in Bangkok and then LA for another 10 days so I have to keep zipped and not say a peep, which is very VERY difficult. I know that he doesn't want to know over the phone (I got these instructions directly. Your dad had his suspicions you might be here this month) and I really need to tell somebody about this, so that's why I've started this blog. In the meantime, i am thinking about an excellent way to give him the happy news when he gets home. I had thought of setting up a scene of Playmobil characters (mum, dad, and baby) ... or maybe some balloons or a little cake.

The first thing I did when I saw those lines coming up (very faintly because it was so early) was hug myself in the mirror, then pray, and then, while I was in the shower, asked my Pa Pa and Auntie Jo to watch over you and me and make sure we're ok. I then started singing "Did you hear the news today?", which was me completely bungling the words to 'A Day in the Life' by the Beatles. I know this is quite a sad and inappropriate song to sing ... but it has a nice melody!

So Mum's a tripper. It didn't take long for you to discover that one.

I love you!